Michael Jackson Wiki

It's been 10 years since the death of the King of Pop, since Google crashed for the first time ever, and since the streets of my hometown blasted "pretty young thang--repeat after me! I said: 'nah-nah-nah!!' " out of their mud-wheeled pick-up trucks.

As the years went by (a little too quickly, now that I think about it), the Michael Jackson fandom has evolved into a small community of fans from the Jackson 5 days to the June-twenty-fith-two-thousand-and-nine days who band together in their preferred platforms to keep the dying flame of Michael's public memory blazing. Each post, publication, tweet, edit and YoutubePoop is created to remind Generation Z that there once was a (real) worldwide-household-name musician who won 8 Grammys in a single year, was honored by the White House more than 4 times, had a black belt, owned a zoo and amusement park in his own backyard, saw almost every continent in the world (and was treated like royalty when he stepped foot on its soil), brushed shoulders with Fred Astaire, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, and Donald J. Trump, and owned an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Fisk University. And could beatbox.

According to the amount of followers Michael Jackson has on mainstream social media platforms, the fandom has succeeded in their mission.

The problem is this: Michael Jackson was so "larger-than-life" that when he passed away, it was like a star had burst. When a star dies, it becomes a supernova. It's brighter than one thousand suns. Everyone would want to see it and experience it with their own eyes. Over time, bands of dust scatter, and new matter appears. The explosion contorts itself in different ways that hadn't been seen before. A black hole will manifest slowly in the star's place. It will cover the whole spectacle in darkness, ultimately leaving the tiny speck of matter left of the star inside of it to be the center of an abandoned void, searched for by no one.

In other words, if you know what I'm talking about, trust and believe that somewhere behind a screen that is showing this post is another person who also understands.