aka Mini

Bureaucrat King's Official Administrator
  • I live in my mind
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is Warlock and Spellcaster
  • I am a devoted aunt to my infinite nieces and nephews

H ey how's it goin'?

Welcome to the wiki. I'm MINI, an admin and technically the only active user on this wiki. Although this place is pretty much abandoned at this point I aim to make this place great, just like the King.

Think you're a bigger fan than me? Well prove it then, by sharing your knowledge of facts on the great King. I'd like a challenge any time!

Editing here all alone is pretty boring. Feel free to leave a message anytime.

If you're a huge MJ fan like me, you're more than welcome to help build this place up and share your opinions on the great King of Pop. Along with that, do take into consideration that any form of vandalism is not accepted under my watch. In that case check out our Rules page.

So what are ya waitin' for? Go on and make this wiki a better place for all of us!

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