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This template will not be visible on pages that are not protected. Only administrators can protect pages. Adding this template to a page does not protect it. To request an administrator protect a page, see Wikipedia:Requests for page protection.


  • Use Template:Tlx for the normal template
  • Use Template:Tlx for applying a specific reason
  • Use Template:Tlx for a specific expiration date
  • Use Template:Tlx for just an icon at the top
  • Use Template:Tlx for a specific expiration time period

Note that (UTC) will be added automatically.

Depending on the namespace, this template will categorize pages into Category:Wikipedia protected pages, Category:Protected project pages, Category:Protected images, Category:Wikipedia protected templates, Category:Protected talk pages and Category:Wikipedia protected user and user talk pages. When the protection is expired, it will additionally categorize into Category:Wikipedia pages with incorrect protection templates.

40px Template:Tlx Full Semi Move
Dispute: Template:Tlx Template:N/A Template:Tlx
Vandalism: Template:Tlx Template:Tlx
High visibility templates and images: Template:Tlx Template:N/A
User talk of blocked user: Template:Tlx Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Sockpuppetry: Template:N/A Template:Tlx Template:N/A
WP:BLP: Template:N/A Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Long-term: Template:N/A Template:Tlx Template:Tlx
Generic (other protection): Template:Tlx Template:Tlx
Scrutiny of the Office: Template:Tlx Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Talk page info: Template:Tlx Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Create protection: Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Pending changes protection level 1: Template:Tlx Template:N/A
Pending changes protection level 2: Template:Tlx Template:N/A

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