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Never Had a Dream Come True is one of The Jackson 5 songs in the album, ABC. It's a Stevie Wonder cover so it was written by Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy, and Henry Cosby. The Jackson 5 cover of this song was released on May 1970 in the U.S. and August 1970 in the U.K. and it was recorded in March of 1970. It's 2 minutes and 58 seconds in length.[1][2]


  • I never, never had a dream come true
  • In my every dream, I'm loved by you
  • And we're free as the wind
  • And true love is no sin
  • Therefore, men are men, not machines
  • I never, never had a dream come true
  • Without you, the world out
  • There is painted shades of blue
  • Since our roads never crossed
  • I work just to please the boss
  • Think I might as well get lost in my dreams
  • Do do do do do.........
  • I never, never had a dream come true
  • Yes, I'm gonna dream about you
  • My whole life through
  • Seems my folks are ashamed
  • Said I ain't worth a thing
  • But I'm glad I'm chained to my creams
  • Do do do do do........
  • Keep on dreamin'
  • Sing along with me
  • Keep on dreaming


This song is the 7th song in the album.[3]