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Music & Me
Music & Me.jpg
Michael Jackson
Released April 13, 1973
Recorded March 1972 - March 1973
Length 32:09
Label Motown
Produced by Hal Davis and Berry Gordy

|- Music & Me is Michael Jackson's third album, which consist of 10 track listings. It has sold 2 million copies worldwide and got a 2009 reissue as part of the 3-disc compilation Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection.[1]

Background information

Michael Jackson was going through some major puberty changes during the album. Michael was growing frustrated at Motown's lack of direction because of how shallow his music has become. The public was also getting tired of Michael Jackson as a child star.[2]

List of songs (Original 1973 Listing)

  1. With a Child's Heart
  2. Up Again
  3. All the Things You Are
  4. Happy
  5. Too Young
  6. Doggin' Around
  7. Euphoria
  8. Morning Glow
  9. Johnny Raven
  10. Music and Me

NOTE: Track listing from 7 to 9 were changed in 1983, ten years after the album's release. Johnny Raven was moved up to the 7th track, while the other two tracks were moved down a slot.


This album charted at 92 on the Pop Albums Chart.