Michael Jackson performing his Moonwalk in Motown 25

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever was a 1983 television special produced by Suzanne de Passe for Motown Records, to commemorate Motown's twenty-fifth year of experience.[1]

Michael Jackson's Performance

About halfway through the special, Michael Jackson reunited with his brothers on stage to perform a medley of some old Jackson 5 songs. His brothers then left the stage, leaving him solo in his sparkling jacket. Michael then addressed the audience briefly, dramatically introducing his solo performance to Billie Jean.

Michael grabbed his fedora and struck a pose, and the audience made a standing ovation before he even started to sing. Then he sang and danced to Billie Jean. During a musical interlude, Michael performed the moonwalk for the first time in public and then spun incredibly fast, and the audience erupted in applause.

He showcased a level of talent that shocked many people, and the performance was highly influential and is still recognised as a great moment in music history.[2]

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Michael Jackson Performing Billie Jean at Motown 25


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