Michael Jackson's Thriller was a music video for the song of the same name and it became an instant sensation around the globe. It was directed by John Landis, written by Landis and Jackson, and released on December 2, 1983. The music video takes inspiration from Horror and Supernatural titles.


While driving home, Michael and his girlfriend drive through the woods and run out of gas in the middle of the road. They then decide to walk through the woods. As they walk on, Michael ask his girlfriend to marry him, She accepts but he then tells her that he is different from the other guys. She asks what he means but before he could answer he quickly begins to transform into a werewolf. She runs for her life only to be ambushed by her werewolf boyfriend. The scene transitions showing that its only a movie watched by Michael Jackson and his girlfriend. She gets scared by the film and walks out the theatre. He then walks her home singing the lyrics of Thriller ( minus the main repeated lyrics ).

As they walk passed a graveyard, the dead sudden begin to come back to life, crawling out their graves and tombs. They roam the streets surrounding Michael and his girlfreind. She looks all around seeing the faces of the zombies and then turns to see Michael has transformed into a zombie. Michael and all the zombies begin to break out and dance, the Michael transforms back to normal and sings the remainder of Thriller while still dancing with the zombies, only to have him transformed back into a zombie chasing his girlfriend into  a spooky house. She locks herself in a room only to have the zombies burst in the room and surround her. She is grabbed by Michael only to find out everything is normal. But as he offers to take her home, he turns to the camera with werewolf eyes.


Michael Jackson : Himself

Ola Ray: Michael's Girl


  • The budget was $ 1,100,000
  • Run time: 13 minutes
  • The film has won many awards.


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