Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a video game on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, and the Sega Game Gear. It's the third Michael Jackson video game that's released on August 24, 1990 in North America, September 29, 1990 in Japan, January 25, 1991 in Europe, and February of 1991 in Australasia. In this game, Michael Jackson is the main character and he has to rescue the children and defeat Mr. Big. This game is based on Michael Jackson's music video of Smooth Criminal and the Moonwalker anthology movie.[1][2]




Each round has a special Michael Jackson song that they play (except for the last round) and there is 3 parts of each round (except for the last round).
  1. Club 30 (Song = Smooth Criminal)
  2. Street (Song = Beat It)
  3. Graveyard (Song = Another Part Of Me)
  4. Cavern (Song = Billie Jean)
  5. The Enemy Hideout (Song = Bad)
  6. Michael's Battle Plane



  • Koi

Planner Assistant

  • Captain Elf


  • Doydoy
  • Chie Sama
  • Jiyna


  • Ekas
  • Mt. Book
  • 610

Programmer Assistant

  • Nas Atagan

Sound Composer

  • Jimita

Sound Assistant

  • Middle Village
  • Iagan

Sound Adviser

  • Bo

Special Thanks

  • Al Nilsen

Game Concept and Design

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5th Stage Music


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