Marlon David Jackon (March 12,1957) is the sixth child of the Jackson family.  in Gary Indiana with his twin brother Brandon, who died hours after the birth. In 1964, he and his younger brother Michael joined their older brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine in their band and they became " The Jackson 5". They released their first song in 1969 called" ABC". Later after they left Motown, Jermaine stayed there and their younger brother Randy replaced him and they changed their name to " The Jacksons ". On August 16,1975 at eighteen years old, Marlon married Carol Ann Parker, a childhood friend that he met during the Jacksons tour to New Orleans. They had three children together: Valencia (born on December 18,1976)/ Brittany Shauntee (born on April 15,1978)/, and Marlon David Jackson Jr. ( born on September 23,1981). Marlon and Carol have five grandchildren. The two from Valencia are: Noah Laniak (born on August 18,2006), and Sophia Laniak (born on November 11,2007). The three from Brittany are: Phoenix (born on July 27,2010)/ Savanna September 2,2011), and Summer (born on June 27,2014). On June 25,2009, Marlon 's younger brother Michael died at fifty years old by propofol intoxication. He spoke at his memorial on July 7, 2009.

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