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HIStory: Live in Tunis 1996 is a concert by Michael Jackson. It is the 11th concert of the HIStory World Tour. It is professionally filmed by Nocturne Productions, Inc., which filmed all of Jackson's tours and other affairs.


This concert was aired on September 18, 2010 by the Nessma TV channel in Tunisia. Before then, only parts of this concert were shown on television as well as a very poor quality amateur-filmed far from the stage. The broadcast ended at "Heal the World," cutting off the final number "HIStory." The quality of the broadcast was rather average as the entire concert was on a VHS and broadcast at a low bit rate. A large, spinning Nessma TV logo occasionally rolled across the screen as a means of copyright protection. The concert broadcast twice, with the red ball appearing in different places in both broadcasts (which has allowed fans to re-edit the two broadcasts to remove this logo). During the first broadcast, a scrolling bar of text was placed at the bottom of the screen informing viewers of the second broadcast.

Set list

  1. "Great Gates of Kiev" Video Intro
  2. HIStory Medley
  3. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
  4. "Stranger in Moscow"
  5. "Smooth Criminal"
  6. "The Wind" Video Interlude
  7. "You Are Not Alone"
  8. "The Way You Make Me Feel"
  9. Jackson 5 Medley
  10. "Billie Jean"
  11. "Thriller"
  12. "Beat It"
  13. "Come Together" / "D.S."
  14. "Brace Yourself" Video Interlude
  15. "Dangerous"
  16. "Black or White"
  17. "Earth Song"
  18. "We Are The World" Video Interlude
  19. "Heal the World"



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