Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5
Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5
The Jackson 5
Released December 18, 1969 (U.S.)

March 1970 (U.K.)[1]

Recorded May-August 1969
Length 37:51
Label Motown


Produced by Bobby Taylor

The Corporation

Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 is The Jackson 5's first album. Michael, Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie became famous for this album within months. This album references to a Motown star named Diana Ross discovering this group, although Bobby Taylor and Gladys Knight were the first ones who actually discovered them. Diana though introduced them to the public in concert and on T.V.[2]

List of Songs

Side A

  1. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
  2. Nobody
  3. I Want You Back
  4. Can You Remember
  5. Standing in the Shadows of Love
  6. You've Changed

Side B

  1. My Cherie Amour
  2. Who's Lovin' You
  3. Chained
  4. (I Know) I'm Losing You
  5. Stand!
  6. Born to Love You

List of Singles

  1. I Want You Back

Replaced Songs

Reach Out, I'll Be There was considered to be on the album, and appears on the back of early pressings, but was replaced by "Born to Love You". It would appear 26 years later on Soulsation!


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