Dear Michael is one of Michael Jackson's songs that's in the album, Forever, Michael. It was recorded in December of 1974 and was written by Hal Davis and Elliott Wilensky. It was produced by Hal Davis and is 2 minutes and 35 seconds in length. It was also released on the B-side of Just A Little Bit Of You, in both the US and UK as well as a single in Italy.[1][2]


  • She wrote ‘Dear Michael,
  • You’ll probably never get this letter
  • Michael, I wrote you a hundred times before
  • Knowing how I feel, I’ll write a hundred more’
  • ‘Dear Michael, everytime your record’s on
  • Michael, I close my eyes and sing along
  • Dreaming you’re singing to me’
  • And then she wrote
  • ‘Michael, I love you
  • I’ve held the tears back long as I can
  • I’m sealing my feelings in this envelope
  • ’Cause I wanna be more than just your number one fan’
  • I’m gonna answer your letter
  • I’ll start beginning with the ABCs of loving you
  • Your letter really touched my heart
  • I’ve been dreaming of meeting the picture
  • That you sent along, signed with all your love
  • (Michael, Michael)
  • (I want you)
  • (She wrote)
  • I’m gonna write you back
  • Ooh, I promise you that
  • Girl, I think I love you
  • Hurry, hurry Mr Postman
  • Take my letter
  • Tell her I love her
  • Hurry, hurry Mr Postman
  • Take my letter
  • Tell her I love her

In Forever, Michael

This song is the 9th song in this album.[3]

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