Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover.jpg
Michael Jackson
Released November 26, 1991
Recorded 1989 - 1991
Length 76:58
Label Epic


Produced by Michael Jackson
Bill Bottrell
Teddy Riley

Dangerous is Michael Jackson's eighth studio album that consist of 14 songs (One of them features Princess Stephanie of Monaco). Dangerous was released on November 26 1991. Dangerous is the 13th-16th best selling album worldwide with 45 million sold'.[1]

Track Listing

  1. Jam (recorded 1990)
  2. Why You Wanna Trip On Me (recorded 1990)
  3. In The Closet (recorded 1990)
  4. She Drives Me Wild (recorded 1990)
  5. Remember the Time (recorded 1990)
  6. Can't Let Her Get Away (recorded 1990)
  7. Heal The World (recorded 1989)
  8. Black Or White (recorded 1990)
  9. Who Is It (recorded 1989)
  10. Give In To Me (recorded 1990)
  11. Will You Be There (recorded 1990)
  12. Keep the Faith (recorded 1990)
  13. Gone Too Soon (recorded 1990)
  14. Dangerous (recorded 1990)


  1. Black Or White - released November 11, 1991
  2. Remember The Time - released January 14, 1992
  3. In The Closet - released April 7, 1992
  4. Jam - released July 13, 1992
  5. Who Is It - released August 31, 1992
  6. Heal The World - released November 23, 1992
  7. Give In To Me - released February 15, 1993
  8. Will You Be There - released June 28, 1993
  9. Gone Too Soon - released December 1, 1993

Artist Features

  • Heavy D (appears on Jam)
  • Princess Stephanie of Monaco (appears on the intro of In The Closet)
  • Wrecks-N-Effects (appears on She Drives Me Wild)
  • L.T.B. (appears on Black Or White)
  • Slash (appears on Give In To Me)


For about a year between 1989 and 1990, recording took place primarily at Record One (a branch of Ocean Way Studios in Sherman Oaks) where Jackson arranged for executive control over the facility for $4,000 per day. During this time most work had proceeded with three producers (Bill Bottrell, Bruce Swedien and Bryan Loren) in three distinct studios with Jackson. Bottrell co-wrote and produced "Give In to Me" and "Black or White," while also receiving writing credits for "Dangerous" and production credits for "Who Is It." He was previously forced out of the production of Bad by Quincy Jones, but Jackson brought him back for Dangerous, in which he was known as the "rock guy". Bottrell also introduced classically trained keyboardist Brad Buxer to Jackson. Buxer was originally hired as a technician for his expertise in electronic equipment. A fortuitous relationship grew between Jackson and Buxer, to which Buxer recalled, "Musically speaking, we were on the same wavelength; we spoke the same language." The Jackson-Buxer partnership would continue for twenty years.

For most of the rhythm tracks, Jackson worked with Loren at Westlake Studios. Their work had begun since the end of Jackson's Bad tour, and together they recorded "Work That Body," "She Got It," "Serious Effect," "Don't Believe It," "Seven Digits," and "Men in Black." Loren wanted to recapture the organic R&B feeling of Jackson's past albums like Off the Wall and Thriller. LL Cool J was invited to rap on "Serious Effect" and "Truth about Youth", because Jackson wanted to add hip-hop to the record. LL Cool J had been critical of Jackson but praised him after their collaboration. Ultimately, none of Loren's recordings made the album.

Unreleased songs record from the Dangerous album

  • What About Us (Earth Song Demo)

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